Growing ICF Awareness
Any­body that knows ICF has said or heard the same thing. What a great way to build-why don’t we see it going up every­where?”
Glen’s Contractor Tip Corner
Get­ting start­ed, the hot and cold ICF expe­ri­ence.
WOC 2011 - Great Kick Off
Trav­el­ing back to my home/​office in Atlanta from the recent World of Con­crete Show in Las Vegas, I was able to reflect on some of our company’s recent achieve­ments. The recent World of Con­crete show gave our com­pa­ny a plat­form or per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to…
Glen's Contractor Tip Corner: Short Jogs
I had a call this week from a con­trac­tor who want­ed to know if there was an easy way to build a two foot jog into a wall. This brought back flash­backs of when I used to attempt to inter­lock cor­ners think­ing the strength of the inter­lock was going to hold things togeth­er dur­ing con­crete place­ment.
The Envelope Please
The Oscar goes to…
Truss wire – Do we need it?
I was a believ­er in using truss wire when installing oth­er ICF’s but now that I’m using the Fox Blocks ICF I have been con­vinced by con­trac­tors that it is not nec­es­sary.
Social Media, Inbox?
As I try to break into…..or attempt to uti­lize or at least sign up…….on some of the new social media or medi­ums that con­tin­ue to grow in pop­u­lar­i­ty, I real­ize that I must be old! Very, very old! I thought that my col­league out west Mr. Siz­zle” was about my age, but he is def­i­nite­ly young when it comes to all of these tech­nolo­gies!
Insulated Concrete Form manufacturer of Fox Blocks is exhibiting at AIA National Convention: New Orleans: May 12-14
Fox Blocks is exhibit­ing at the AIA Nation­al Con­ven­tion being held here in New Orleans now through May 14th.
Industry Standard ICF’s: Feedback from Contractors
Jan­u­ary through April is when we plant our seeds for the year by dis­play­ing our prod­uct for the mar­ket in trade shows. I’ve par­tic­i­pat­ed in these trade shows for 17 years now in the ICF indus­try and it has always been the same old thing, but this year was notably dif­fer­ent.
Build to Resist Tornadoes: Storm Safe ICF Structures
Research by Texas Tech Wind Sci­ence and Engi­neer­ing Research Cen­ter has demon­strat­ed that ICF walls bet­ter pro­tect occu­pants of hous­es from wind­blown debris, than frame walls. Being hit by wind­blown debris is the most com­mon cause of injury dur­ing tor­na­does.