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INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW Fox Blocks Estimator Pro

Fox Blocks Estimator Pro allows you to enter your construction specifications for a Fox Blocks project to determine an accurate material and labor estimate for any size project. Below is the basic outline of the newest version of the Estimator Pro with multiple tabs for Fox Blocks materials, accessories, rebar, concrete, man hours, pricing, plus TRUEGRID products. The summary sheets provide complete outlines for material ordering and project cost estimates.

Estimator Pro is available here - ESTIMATOR PRO.

The program is compatible for use on all platforms and all your devices, including cell phones.
Note: If you experience problems loading the project estimator, please clear your browser cache and try again.

Click on this link to watch an overview video of Estimator Pro. Go to the Fox Blocks Integrated Learning Center for more instructional videos on estimating and how to use the All-New Estimator Pro.

You can also check out these resources from the Fox Blocks Technical Library:



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