Truss wire – Do we need it?

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I was a believer in using truss wire when installing other ICF’s but now that I’m using the Fox Blocks ICF I have been convinced by contractors that it is not necessary.

In 1994 I started installing ICF’s full time. After several hundred successful jobs I was told I should try using truss wire in the walls. The truss wire helped and I was sold on the benefit it gave me to help straighten walls after concrete placement. I installed several different ICF brands and the truss wire installed in the second and top rows helped keep the walls straight, so we inserted it into every training program we developed. In the ICF’s of that era I would not install a job without truss wire.

In 2010 I joined the Fox Blocks team specifically because this new ICF has everything I have been asking for and more. I’ve been caught smiling a lot lately as I find new benefits that had not occurred to me prior to using this new ICF. A few months back several different contractors were telling me that they had stopped using truss wire with Fox Blocks because it is not necessary. I was skeptical so we started to experiment on the jobs we worked on as well as asking select contractors to join us on this experiment. To our surprise we came to realize that the truss wire did not make much difference with the Fox Blocks.

The 2” long interlock of the Fox Block gives incredible holding power in all directions, and to my surprise, eliminates the need for truss wire. For this reason we have decided to eliminate it from our product offering which will save $$$ on your jobs. Just think of the added benefits you gain over your competitors when you do not need the added cost of truss wire due to the design of this new Fox Block ICF. Not using the truss wire will also give you better concrete flow and lower man hour rates.

Keep watching in the months to come for new products our R&D team has been testing and perfecting. These really are exciting days in the ICF industry!