Integrated Learning Center

Welcome to the Fox Blocks Integrated Learning Center (ILC)

Fox Blocks online training and video library provide comprehensive, step by step, best practice installation courses, plus educational videos on the use and applications of Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms and accessory products. The experience of the Fox Blocks technical team will be expanding this educational portal, addressing all the bases to ensure a better and efficient build for all Fox Blocks applications. We offer these courses as a service at no charge other than your time to go through them. There is no obligation to you other than setting up an account so we can get you your certificates and wallet cards to you in the most accurate and efficient way.

Enroll, creating an account to follow the step-by-step online course. Upon completion of the Primary Installer Training, you will be acknowledged as a Fox Blocks Primary Installer with a Certificate and Wallet card. The Primary Installer Training has been recognized for 6 continuing learning credits by some Contractor Associations.

Fox Blocks encourages every designer, contractor, and installer to understand the benefits of the products and utilize those benefits to have a great build through this Integrated Learning Center.

Para conocer nuestro programa de capacitación en español, visite nuestro Centro de aprendizaje integrado en español.

Online Installer Training - Fox Blocks Wallet Card Program

Enroll in the free Installer Training Fox Blocks Wallet Card Program. The training courses have been developed as a four-part tiered installer program:

  1. Primary Installer - USA or Canada
  2. Journeyman Installer
  3. Master Installer
  4. Elite Premier Installer

Each course has specific video training modules, key insights, techniques and advantages of building with Fox Blocks, plus a detailed Workbook for additional reference material. The courses must be completed in order and successful completion of a short quiz is required before moving to next level.

The Journeyman, Master and Elite Premier programs have prerequisites that must be verified before you will receive your certificate and wallet card.

You may log in or out anytime at your own pace. Your completion status will be indicated when you login on the website. Upon successful completion of all the modules and quizzes, you will receive a Fox Blocks – Wallet Card and Certificate.

Online Product Knowledge Course is a self-paced, one-hour course for Fox Blocks Dealers and requires a unique password to complete. Please contact your Regional Advisor for the unique password. The extensive course has five main sections:

  1. Introduction to Fox Blocks – 5 minutes
  2. Fox Blocks Product Overview – 20 minutes
  3. Fox Blocks Estimating – 15 minutes
  4. TRUEGRID Pavers Products – 5 minutes
  5. Material and Handling and Sales – 10 minutes

Each module starts with a short video and ends with a few questions which unlock the next video. There is also a detailed downloadable PK Workbook to follow along, providing links to additional resources on the Fox Blocks website. When completed the registered user receives an ILC Product Knowledge Certificate to show potential customers.

Fox Blocks Resources

The online courses and workbooks provide specific references to the vast library of documentation and tools on the Fox Blocks website.

The Video Library is an extensive selection of videos tackling product applications and unique details for any project. No need to re-invent the wheel, these videos cover it all. You can freely access the video library and search for specific videos or browse.