Integrated Learning Center

Welcome to the Fox Blocks Integrated Learning Center (ILC)

Fox Blocks on-line training and video library provides comprehensive, step by step, best practice installation courses, plus educational videos on the use and applications of Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms and accessory products. The experience of the Fox Blocks technical team will be expanding this educational portal, addressing all the bases to ensure a better and efficient build for all Fox Blocks applications.

Enroll, creating an account to follow the step-by-step on-line course. Upon completion of the Primary Installer Training, you will be acknowledged as a Fox Blocks Primary Installer with a Certificate and Wallet card.

Fox Blocks encourages every designer, contractor, and installer to understand the benefits of the products and utilize those benefits to have great build through this Integrated Learning Center.

Online Primary Installer Training Course

Enroll to take a free Fox Blocks online training course. The training course is divided into a US and CAN version, with four detailed Sections, each having a number of video modules. As additional reference material, download the Workbook for each Section. Complete each section and module sequentially, plus the short quiz before moving on.

You may login or out anytime and continue at your own pace. Your completion status will be indicated on the website. Upon successful completion of all the modules and quizzes, you will receive a Fox Blocks - Wallet Card and Certificate as a Fox Blocks Primary Installer.

Fox Blocks Resources

The on-line courses and workbooks provide specific references to the vast library of documentation and tools on the Fox Blocks website.

The Video Library is an extensive selection of videos tackling product applications and unique details for any project. No need to re-invent the wheel, these videos cover it all. You can freely access the video library and search for specific videos or browse.