Social Media, Inbox?

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As I try to break into…..or attempt to utilize or at least sign up…….on some of the new social media or mediums that continue to grow in popularity, I realize that I must be old! Very, very old! I thought that my colleague out west “Mr. Sizzle” was about my age, but he is definitely young when it comes to all of these technologies!

Goodness gracious you have: Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, YouTube, WWW, SMS, Email, MMS, Cell Phone and several gazillion blogs. And there also seems to be a new APP for EVERYTHING! It is all definitely VERY informative so I guess that the education and what that brings is very good.

The negative I see is the time management or the amount of time that these all take to maintain or even view. Can’t we just all talk like we used to? Or explain things face to face? I guess not any more. We are all doing more in less time, so I guess these advancements are all good. Please let me know what you think?

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It appears that there will be much more social media or mediums coming……so....I suppose I will have to twit or tweet or whatever it’s called next!

D.C. Mangimelli

Regional Sales Manager