A strong dedication to quality and ease-of-use goes into every accessory available at Fox Blocks. Explore our many solutions below.

Product Highlights

Unlimited Design Detailing and Finishes

With blocks available in a number of shapes, sizes, and concrete core thicknesses, we can create any design you can dream up. Plus, our wall assembly works with all exterior - interior finishes you choose to use, be it EIFS, traditional stucco, brick, stone, fiber cement siding or drywall.

Unparalleled Comfort and Quiet

Our wall assembly provides indoor comfort and improves a building’s performance characteristics for the interior environment by eliminating moisture intrusion, managing the air flow and allowing for accurate climate control and minimizing sound mitigation.

Strength Against the Elements

Our ICF wall assembly meets and exceeds safety/resilience/durability requirements for Division 03 Concrete, Section 031119 ICF; Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) & FEMA-ATFP Federal Military and DoD Standards FEMA-ATFP.

Lifetime of Savings

The performance characteristics of our wall assembly can reduce a building’s heating and cooling cost dramatically (up to 50%) and puts Net Zero Energy goals within reach.

Fox Buck

Fox Buck is a fully integrated, continuous insulation window and door buck for residential and commercial applications. The 1″ x 1″ notches create a dual barrier against drafts or moisture penetration. When installed properly, the concrete barrier protection is continuous around the entire opening. These barriers also anchor the Fox Buck to the wall with enough strength for weather events. The buck is 2″ thick for easy measurements and measures 48″ long to match the height of the three stacked Fox Blocks. The buck features a 1- 1/2″ wide “fastening zone” for door and window attachments that runs the full height of the buck every 8″ on center. Notches ensure proper alignment between the buck and the wall form. On the inside, dual full-length 1″ x 1″ grooves create a solid concrete barrier against drafts and moisture. Circles are marked at 16″ centers for sill cutouts and vibrator access. The expanded 2015 Fox Buck product line now includes the 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes.

Fox Blocks Buck all sizes end profile

HV Clip

Contractors asked for a wire clip to secure their Fox Blocks jobs together, so the team at Fox Blocks went to work designing one. Fox Blocks ties are designed to be perfectly balanced, spaced at 8″ o/c horizontally and vertically, giving flat walls post concrete. This allowed us to put all of our design into wire clips which helps everyone with only one sku. The Fox Blocks HV Clip has been designed with eight bends, allowing one clip to work horizontally and vertically. Using the Fox Blocks HV Clip eliminates the need for truss wire completely on jobs. The result is that for about 1/2 the cost of the truss wire, you will get a STRONGER and STRAIGHTER job.

Access HV Clip 2 IMG 9807

Energy Stick

How do you improve an Insulated Concrete Form wall that already outperforms most wall systems in all climates? You move the concrete mass toward the living side of the wall. This unbalanced R-value will allow the mass to be closer to the living temperature of the conditioned space, allowing for a more comfortable building. The Fox Blocks design team had two goals: 1) Move the mass away from the harsh temperatures and 2) Increase R-value. Each Energy Stick is 8″ wide, 32″ tall, 2″ thick and profiled to fit within all Fox Blocks. The Energy Stick is used to ensure an R-8 boost to the already high R-Value of Fox Blocks.

Access Energy Stick 1 IMG 9973
Sizing and Actual R-ValueResult
Sizing and Actual R-Value6" Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)Result4" Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value8" Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)Result6" Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value10"Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)Result8" Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value10"Block + 2 Energy Sticks (R-39+*)Result6" Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value12"Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)Result10"Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value12"Block + 2 Energy Sticks (R-39+*)Result8" Concrete
Sizing and Actual R-Value12"Block + 3 Energy Sticks (R-48+*)Result6" Concrete


The tieKey® masonry anchor is the only patented ICF masonry anchor on the market. This unique design is available in hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel. It is an easy-to-install, cast-in-place, adjustable masonry tie anchor embedded into the concrete wall formed by the ICF. This product is designed to provide the strength and security required when installing brick or stone veneer finishes. The tieKey has been tested for tension and compression strength by an independent laboratory to verify its capacity to resist lateral loads. Fox Blocks’ tieKey is part one of a two part system; the ICF masonry anchor and any standard wire tie. The masonry anchor is inserted through the ICF as the wall is constructed. The wire tie is installed by the mason contractor as the masonry facing is constructed. The wire tie is not included and can be found at any common masonry supply store. U.S. Patent No. 8,347,581

Access Tie Key 3 IMG 9953


There’s no comparison between the xLerator® and the pre-bent or bent-in-field rebar reinforcement recommended by other insulated concrete form companies. This patented design is a one-piece wire reinforcement that simply drops into the pre-formed slot in Fox Blocks’Corbel Ledge. No tying or lapping is required — reducing labor costs and time-consuming delays. The xLerator is fully engineered to properly address ledge loads and galvanized to protect against corrosion, which can lead to reduced capacity of the concrete. Available exclusively from Fox Blocks, the xLerator is the only ICF ledge reinforcement system to meet ACI 318 guidelines. Covered by U.S. Patent #7,437,858

Access x Lerator 4 IMG 9799
Core WidthForm WidthLengthReturn
Core WidthFits 6" & 8"Form Width10-5/16"Length48"Return3-9/16" Height

Fox Blocks Mini Blocks

Access Mini Blocks IMG 9919

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