International GreenBuild Trade Show in Toronto
Over the past few years devel­op­ers have observed that LEED reg­is­tered build­ings lease more quick­ly and with rent pre­mi­ums of up to 30%.
Las Vegas Goes Green with ICFs
Thanks to Randy and Bart, many Las Vegas fire sta­tions will be now be built using Fox Blocks core 6″ insu­lat­ed con­crete forms. An excit­ing exam­ple of excel­lent work between a region­al man­ag­er and a top flight local deal­er.
Tilt Up Construction and Insulated Concrete Forms
Last year Fox Blocks decid­ed we could add speed and val­ue to the Tilt Up indus­try and it took all of 2 weeks to get the Fox Tilt insert engi­neered, mold made, and pro­duc­tion start­ed. I can’t stop grin­ning about the capa­bil­i­ties of our par­ent Air­lite Plas­tics.
Three Key Areas give You the True Accurate Cost of the ICF you Choose
Contractors Can Use Traditional Building Measurements with ICF Studs when They Choose Fox Blocks
The Fox Blocks Energy Stick
How do you improve an Insu­lat­ed Con­crete Form wall that already out-per­forms most wall sys­tems in all cli­mates? You move the con­crete mass toward the liv­ing side of the wall.
Energy Stick Facts
The Ener­gy Sticks have been designed to work well in the sol­id Fox Blocks line as well as the 1440 line.
The Fox Blocks Line-Up at a Glance
With advice from lead­ing con­trac­tors in the Insu­lat­ed Con­crete Form busi­ness, Fox Blocks has cre­at­ed an incred­i­ble group of blocks.
How to Layout Scaffold on Fox Blocks' Insulated Concrete Form Walls
When you’re build­ing with insu­lat­ed con­crete forms, chances are you’re going to need to set up scaf­fold­ing.
Using Fox Blocks' Online Estimator for Your Next ICF Project
We know esti­mat­ing for an ICF project can be daunt­ing if you don’t know where to start, so we’ve cre­at­ed this help­ful video tuto­r­i­al.