Quick Build Construction: ICF Construction for Tract Home Builders
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Replacing Disposable Homes with Durable ICF Construction
In regions prone to hur­ri­canes, tor­na­does, and wild­fires, Fox Blocks ICF wall assem­bly pro­vides an excel­lent alter­na­tive to wood-frame con­struc­tion.
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4 Defining Characteristics of High-Performance Buildings
High-per­for­mance build­ings also pos­i­tive­ly impact the envi­ron­ment and pro­vide finan­cial ben­e­fits before and after con­struc­tion.
IC Fs Make Home Ownership Attainable for Young Adults and Seniors
ICFs Make Home Ownership Attainable for Young Adults and Seniors
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10 Tips for Designing a Small or Tiny ICF Home
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6 Things to Consider When Building a Basement
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Reduce Commercial Building Construction Costs with ICF
Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important & How to Create It
Experts agree that con­trol­ling or con­di­tion­ing indoor air is the best way for a busi­ness to increase employ­ee effi­cien­cy and to reduce costs con­nect­ed with employ­ee health care.
How Architects Can Sell Clients on ICF Construction
Uti­liz­ing ICF for res­i­den­tial projects is an amaz­ing way to cre­ate strong and safe homes while uti­liz­ing ICF for com­mer­cial projects is an easy way to hit dead­lines ear­li­er with low­er costs. Want to know how to sell your clients on ICF con­struc­tion? Keep read­ing to receive expert knowl­edge on all the ben­e­fits and the best way to com­mu­ni­cate them.
How Building a Concrete ICF Home Saves on Initial and Long-Term Costs