Frequently Asked Questions

No, these insu­la­tion prod­ucts are quite dif­fer­ent. EPS is closed cell expand­ed poly­styrene, while XPS is a closed cell extrud­ed poly­styrene. The prop­er­ties, appli­ca­tions and costs of each are quite dif­fer­ent. The major­i­ty of ICFs are man­u­fac­tured with EPS.
Poly­styrene is vir­gin mate­r­i­al, man­u­fac­tured from petro­le­um. Poly­styrene beads are expand­ed with steam heat to be up to 40 times their orig­i­nal vol­ume and then the expand­ed beads are mold­ed again by steam heat into 258″ rigid insu­la­tion pan­els to cre­ate a Fox Blocks ICF.