How much will it cost per square foot to build an Fox Blocks ICF home?

Building with Fox Blocks ICFs provides you with a high performance wall system for the foundation and above grade walls. Building any high performance home, with either ICFs or conventional wood framing, has many factors that define the end capital costs.

What additional materials and labor are required to make a conventional foundation equivalent to an Fox Blocks ICF foundation which exceeds energy code requirements in most locations? Conventional wood framing requires considerably more material, insulation and attention to air sealing to make it qualify and perform as a high performance wall. All of this, for conventional construction, adds material and labor costs to the overall project. Fox Blocks ICFs provide a simple method to build high performance walls that provide ongoing benefits from the high insulation values and mass concrete walls that are energy-efficient and provide cost savings for the life cycle of the building.

Comparing cost per square foot between conventional construction and ICFs for a high performance building, is like comparing apples to oranges. To develop construction costs, more detailed information is required, for instance the number and size of openings, the shape and size of the home, the regional costs for material and labor, etc. If you have a project you’d like us to review and provide a material estimate, Fox Blocks would be happy to have one of our representatives contact you. Please complete and submit a lead information sheet on the website or call Customer Service.