Zero Place ICF 3
Zero Place ICF 4
Zero Place Sculpture
Zero Place Southeast corner
Zero Place Roof Top Seating 01
Zero Place solar
Location: New Paltz, New York
Square Footage: 62,800 (overall), 29,000 (Fox Blocks)
Zero Place Southeast corner

The largest challenges faced throughout the development of Zero Place relied heavily on the site location. This brownfield site needed a complete overhaul, including soil and structure removal and remediation, and construction included pandemic-related supply-chain issues and increased material costs. Using ICF, the designers and teams pushed the envelope of sustainable development possibilities. The design of this leading-edge project is based on high-performance building principles to achieve optimal energy efficiency, long-term sustainability, and exceptional resiliency, significantly reducing the environmental impact of new developments.

Zero Place ICF 3

With a goal of net-zero energy use, Zero Place is a complex, modern, and sustainable mixed-use building that includes high-technology solutions with geo-thermal technology and complicated lintel designs. To align with the classic architecture in the village of New Paltz, exterior finishes include cultured stone, face brick and clapboard siding. These finishes ensured Zero Place blends beautifully with the local architecture and highlights local artistry in the surrounding area.

Zero Place Roof Top Seating 01

Zero Place is the first multi-family building in New Paltz, NY to promote sustainability with a zero-energy program. With an integrated geothermal heating, cooling and domestic hot water system, there is zero energy loss while operating the building, and all additional energy produced is sent back to the building’s energy grid. A majority of the energy is consistently and naturally generated through the solar panels that cover the roof.

The development has 20 electric-vehicle charging stations and electric bike ports. Bike lanes along the street and 50 bicycle racks on the property promote biking for residents and visitors to the location. An on-site bus stop further limits emissions from driving standard vehicles.

Zero Place is certified as LEED Platinum, HERS Rated, aligns with the Department of Energy’s zero-energy program, Energy Star efficient, and listed as an Indoor AirPlus qualified home according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Location: New Paltz, New York

Industry: Mixed-Use Retail and Residential
62,800 sq. feet
ICF Use:
29,000 sq. feet
$11 Million
Total Construction:
102 Weeks
ICF Installation Time:
70 Days
Affordable Housing Concepts
ICF Installer:
E Hansen Corp
Dave Toder, Bolder Architecture
Forms Used:
6-inch and 8-inch core

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