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Location: Winterset, IA
Square Footage: 8,100 (overall) 7,500 (Fox Blocks)
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Winterset Community Church wanted a larger gathering space for the local community, so they decided to add a gymnasium to their worship building. The addition had to be built quickly while the church was still in use, blend in seamlessly with the existing structure, and offer high noise protection between the church and the gymnasium.

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The gym’s design features very tall and varied wall heights from 20-25’, and the construction team had to contend with a tight space that was surrounded on three sides. Fox Blocks ICF met every challenge. The project achieved a Sound Transmission Class Rating of 50. The construction team also took advantage of the ability to stack and store the ICF blocks within the project footprint, and organized the concrete pours in segments using cold joints with vertical dowels for an easy solution to construct the tall walls.

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The proprietary Fox Blocks crossties were used within the blocks at 8” on center, are full height, and 1.5” wide, and the corner blocks’ additional brackets added strength, which allowed for attachment on all corners. The final product is a beautiful gym with straight, plumb, and square walls

Project Stats

Location: Winterset, IA
Industry: Light Commercial
Size: 8,100 sq. ft (Floor)
ICF Use: 7,500 sq. ft.
Cost: $124,500
Total Construction: 30 weeks
ICF Installation: 30 days

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