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Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Square Footage: 11,060 (overall) 10,060 (Fox Blocks)
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Old Town Scottsdale is a historic downtown area, once known for cowboy-Western shops and art galleries, that is now experiencing a remodernization and revitalization. In a class of its own, this multimillion-dollar, modern two-home masterpiece complements the nearby downtown and arts district. These luxury walk-ups pay homage to early urban Mediterranean architecture with all the sophistication of the 21st century.

Designed as a three-story duplex townhome with a zero-setback building envelope, noise mitigation and fire rating between units was a necessity. The 8-inch Fox Block was the ideal material for the demising and perimeter walls. Because of the tight site constraints, the building had to be constructed in stages to allow various trades to take their turns at each floor level. The ICF block material was stored in an adjacent staging lot and was easily transported across the street by hand due to the lightweight nature of the material. The integrated scaffolding system was easily utilized by other trades installing the wood floor structure and roof systems.

The ICF block enabled impeccably smooth stucco walls and large inset windows and doors. These large, expansive openings provided drama and architecture from both the inside and out, while the ICF and deep windows provided the needed insulation in the hot, arid desert.

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The ICF system was sourced and manufactured locally from Fox Blocks, which saved on shipping costs and carbon footprint. The 6-inch-thick concrete core and foam forms ensured the structure was structurally stable and provided an extremely rigid envelope that efficiently carried the steel- and wood-framed floors and roof decks. The HVAC system was zoned so each room has its own adjustable climate, which is important with the multistory open plan.

Project Stats

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Industry: Multifamily
11,060 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use:
10,060 sq. ft.
$4.5 million
Total Construction:
78 weeks
ICF Installation:
90 days

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