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Location: Springfield, Missouri
Square Footage: 1030
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The Infinity-Edge pool was designed specifically for the homeowners, who wanted a unique feature to complete their new build. The largest design challenge was finding an easy access point for servicing the pool, without distracting from the resort-style appearance. Fox Blocks construction provided the perfect solution that combined efficiency and design, allowing the pool plumbing and electrical to be placed in a discreet crawl space below the gutter collection area.

Infinity Edge Pool 8

To promote a high-standard of sustainability, ICF construction was used. With a concrete monopour, the properties of ICF maximize insulation and reduce heating costs by more than 66% compared to traditional infinity pool designs.

Infinity Edge Pool 25

Location: Springfield, Missouri

Industry: ICF Infinity Swimming Pool

Size: 1030 sq. feet

ICF Use: 1030 sq. feet

Cost: $550,000

Total Construction: 24 weeks

ICF Installation Time: 8 Days

GC & ICF Installer: Aaron King, Cutting Edge Homes

Architect: Winn Wittman, Winn Wittman Architecture

Forms Used: 12-inch core

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