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Location: Wallkill, NY
Square Footage: 2,067 (overall), 2,642 (Fox Blocks)
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The homeowners wanted to build a home that would be beautiful, functional, and sustainable. They brought in an ICF expert contractor who selected Fox Blocks as the ideal building material to accomplish the homeowners goals. This home was built directly into a natural rock ledge and features large covered porches and breezeways on the exterior and beautiful oak floors throughout the interior.

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A significant challenge encountered while constructing this home was the large rock ledge that interfered with the lower level of the home. With no room for footings, the Fox Blocks forms had to be cut perfectly to sit against this rock ledge. A second challenge in this project was the 54’ long ICF gable that required extra long bracing. The building was designed to meet high efficiency and sustainability standards, which included being airtight. To achieve this, the contractor utilized spray foam insulation. They sprayed the underside of the roof and sealed it to the top of the ICF walls with great success.

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With nearly 40 ICF homes completed to date by the contractor, the craftsmanship of this home is exactly what you would expect from a highly experienced builder. Walls are straight and plumb, openings are perfect, and the energy performance of the home is unparalleled.

Project Stats

Location: Wallkill, NY
Large Residential
2,067 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
2,642 sq. ft.
Total Construction:
9 months
ICF Installation Time:
28 days

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