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Boutique Bowling
Bar lounge
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Location: Homestead, FL
Square Footage: 75,000 (overall), 88,000 (Fox Blocks)

With theaters, a bowling alley, dining, and an arcade, Homestead Station is the centerpiece of Homestead’s downtown revitalization. The owner wanted a durable, high-performance building to house their proprietary theater experience featuring 3D surround sound, massive screens, and premium reclining seats.

Bar lounge

This project involved many complexities, including extremely tall exterior and interior walls, which were all built with Fox Blocks. Over 2,000 structural steel embeds, all of the roof structure, and the mezzanine structure were designed to join into ICF walls. The Fox Blocks installer designed, engineered, and implemented a “tall wall outrigger system” in conjunction with Giraffe ICF Bracing, to achieve the tall wall pours without having to brace off the floor or typical masonry scaffolding. The design also included many interior walls that were raked to accommodate the roof pitch and very large raked walls at the entrance, which are incorporated with a decorative structural steel tower.

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With the historic success in the theater market, Fox Blocks has gained a proven track record with smart results relating to theater construction. The end result features keen sound-attenuation with minimal construction product add-ons, essentially creating a soundproof assembly with super-fast construction. Once demonstrated, the white paper results are clear: Fox Blocks ICFs are the money and time-saving assembly tools for tall wall multi-screen theaters.

Project Stats

Location: Homestead, FL
Heavy Commercial
75,567 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
88,144 sq. ft.
Total Construction:
60 weeks
ICF Installation Time:
100 days

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