Roy Jr High 2008 18 655
Roy Jr High 2008 18 211
Roy Jr High 2008 18 085
Location: Roy, UT
Square Footage: 173,393 (overall) 121,217 (Fox Blocks)
Roy Jr High 2008 18 655

The Roy Jr. High School build contended with multiple challenges including a condensed build time, tight jobsite, and complicated architectural features. The North and West sides of the project were only 20’ wide, and barely had enough room to maneuver concrete and pump trucks. On the north side, the tight space made it necessary to build bracing, erect scaffolding, and stock material from the inside. Prior to pouring slabs the ICF installer had to use a smaller warehouse forklift to raise materials up on the scaffolding, making the scheduling even tighter. These issues were overcome by daily coordination and adjustments with partners.

Roy Jr High 2008 18 085

The project boasts many outstanding architectural features, particularly for a junior high school. The two-story classroom area has a large arched skylight over the central corridor with a study area below it, and the gymnasium area has a second level walking area above the stadium seating with a curved hallway coming in from the classroom area. The opening for the curved walkway begins 20 feet in the air. ICF forms were cut precisely to fit the arched steel trusses of the gymnasium perfectly. If the embeds were not precise, the pre-built curved steel roof system would not sit properly. This project came together beautifully and has had significant impacts on the way educational facilities are built in the region. Thanks to Roy Jr. High School, the Utah ICF educational market has gone from zero projects before 2018 to over 10 projects in various stages of planning, design, and construction through 2021 and beyond.

Roy Jr High 2008 18 211

The insulative properties of ICF will make heating and cooling the building more efficient and affordable than older schools in the area and will lead to long-term savings for the school district. All exterior walls were built with ICF and large windows to allow daylight and passive heating in the classrooms.

Project Stats

Location: Roy, Utah
Industry: Education
Type: Junior High School

Size: 173,393 sq. ft (Floor)
ICF Use: 121,217 sq. ft.
Cost: $39.85 million
Total Construction: 76 weeks
ICF Installation: 150 days

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