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Location: Winter Park, FL
Square Footage: 24,794 (overall), 3,940 (Fox Blocks)
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In order to maximize the available project footprint and achieve the beautiful mediterranean-inspired look, the design required complex, tight-radius corners and openings. Construction of the tight corners and short turns was achieved by utilizing Fox Blocks extended corner blocks with the field cut guide. This resulted in an easy construction process that provided superior structural strength and security to stand up to harsh Florida storms.

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The National rep for Diakin refrigerant worked with the builder to use the most advanced HVAC system available, featuring variable coolant AC lines with only one slim condenser with a duct positioned to centralize the zones. Combined with the impressive insulative properties of Fox Blocks, this creates a holistic solution to efficient heating and cooling.

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This is a beautiful mediterranean-inspired home, featuring an elegant arched entryway with matching curved windows and doors, and a variegated color clay-tile roof made with reclaimed materials. The large windows illuminate the space with natural light that makes the aqua colored accents pop against the neutral paint colors. The home is a stand-out in its community, with many visitors claiming that it has some of the best looking architectural features they’ve ever seen.

Project Stats

Location: Winter Park, FL
Large Residential
24,794 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
3,940 sq. ft.
Total Construction:
55 weeks
ICF Installation Time:
11 days

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