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Location: Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Square Footage: 4,800 sq. ft (built with ICFs)
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A 150-year-old grainery building was transformed into a restaurant and microbrewery in Ontario by a couple looking to revitalize their community and join the up-and-coming craft beer market. The ultimate challenge was constructing the required elevator shaft and two staircases. Historically, elevators have been constructed with masonry or cast-in-place concrete using flying formwork. However, the build site’s tight lot line did not allow for exterior scaffolding or equipment and the requirement of insulated walls meant that traditional materials were not an option. The builder turned to Fox Blocks Preassembled Reveal One for a perfect fit with an exposed concrete interior for fire rating. Fox Blocks was used at the doorways and windows for an airtight envelope and exterior strapping on the outside of the Reveal One forms was attached using a manlift. The entire elevator shaft addition was built with Fox Blocks and there is a seamless transition between the two structures.

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Thanks to the compact size of the form, there was minimal product waste and less time spent trimming. This project is only the second in Canada to use Fox Blocks Reveal One for an elevator shaft and stairwells. It caught the attention of the design community and now many other projects will include Fox Blocks for elevator shafts and other applications.

Project Stats

Location: Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Microbrewery
Size: 4,800 sq. ft (built with ICFs)
ICF Use: 4,800 sq. ft.
Cost: $3.75 million
Total Construction: 42 weeks
ICF Installation: 36 days

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