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Location: Caldwell, ID
Square Footage: 33,000 (overall), 45,339 (Fox Blocks)
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The project is a key feature and gathering place in a small city that is planning substantial city-wide redevelopment. The new 11-screen theater is a focal point of this effort and has introduced the region to ICF and the benefits of building with this method. The owner, general contractor, and architect worked with Fox Blocks for about two years in the design and budgeting phase and Fox Blocks ICFs were selected based on our expertise and quality product as demonstrated in previous theater projects.

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The theater stadium seating required all ceilings to be 100% complete with fire sprinklers, electrical, paint, and HVAC prior to any seating being installed. To make this, the floors were poured at elevation 0 to allow access with scissor lifts, and then the stadium seating was installed after the ceiling work was totally complete. The final stadium seating was then 24 feet above 0 elevation, with a tallest wall height of 40 feet.

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A major construction and site consideration was building through the winter months in Idaho. The concrete poured in the ICF had to be protected from freezing while facilitating up to 19 scissor lifts and 65 workers on the site safely. The build was being completed at the same time the city was demolishing and pouring all new sidewalks and streetscapes on three sides of the project, making it even more difficult to perform construction activities and requiring daily coordination with the subcontractors and governing authorities to keep the project moving safely

Project Stats

Location: Caldwell, ID
Heavy Commercial
33,000 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
45,339 sq. ft.
Total Construction:
34.5 weeks
ICF Installation Time:
121 days

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