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Location: Bend, OR
Square Footage: 11,561 (overall) 1,437.77 (Fox Blocks)

In 2016 tragedy was narrowly avoided when the Kenwood School gymnasium, built in 1942, collapsed just four hours before a planned student assembly. Although the community was shaken, quickly rebuilding the facility was imperative as winter was quickly approaching. Rebuilding a structure that had collapsed into itself is an intricate task, and the needs were very specific. The school had limited funds yet the building needed to reflect the historical style of the original gymnasium and also include energy-efficient enhancements.

Kenwood 2

This project was also logistically complex due to the jobsite’s unusually small footprint and congested location. Deliveries had to be precisely scheduled and coordinated to minimize traffic delays. The contractor decided to forgo the architect’s plans for a masonry structure and use Fox Blocks because staging of the lightweight pallets of material was easily accomplished.

Kenwood 4

While the project footprint was small, the impact it had on the local community was immense. The disaster that was avoided with the collapse of the original gymnasium was a miracle. Rebuilding the facility helped heal the community, replacing anxiety with pride.

Project Stats

Location: Bend, Oregon
Detached Gym
11,561 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use:
1,437.77 sq. ft.
$4.3 million
Total Construction:
32 weeks
ICF Installation:
38 days

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