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20200912 110147
20170804 134816
Location: Gananoque, ON
Square Footage: 190,387 (overall) 40,988 (Fox Blocks)
20200912 110147

This project presented complex construction challenges quite literally from the ground up. The site was a contaminated industrial area classified as a brownfield site, and required extensive cleaning to meet strict environmental standards before construction could commence. The contractor needed a building solution that would provide a sustainable development that would stimulate the local economy and preserve the historic feel of the community. In addition to the environmental considerations, the commitment to private, energy efficient units was a selling point of building with Fox Blocks ICF.

20170804 134816

The design and expert installation of the monolithic concrete ICF demising walls provided the exceptional sound insulation, fire resistance, and air-tightness between units that the project required. The complete self containment of each individual unit not only demonstrates the craftsmanship that went into the build, but also provides more comfort, security, and value for residents.


This project was designed to be as close to zero energy as possible with sustainability at the forefront. The contractor focuses on LEED energy principals and the insulative properties of the ICF exterior walls are paramount to the savings in heating and cooling for residents. Helping to drive energy costs down further, the building is fitted with all LED lighting and argonfilled double glazed windows that provide heat for residents through passive solar energy. In addition to saving residents money with lower monthly condo fees, the project is contributing to the local economy as well. The tax revenue to the town of Gananoque from this development is an increase of 5% of the town’s revenue and yearly operating budget making it a sustainable investment for the whole community.

Project Stats

Location: Gananoque, Ontario
Multi-family residential and commercial
190,387 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
40,988 sq. ft.
$27 million
Total Construction:
135 weeks
ICF Installation Time:
260 days

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