Copy of Everett L Williams exterior front entrance
Copy of Everett L Williams learning stairs
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Copy of DJI 0904
Location: Georgetown, TX
Square Footage: 249,250 sq. ft. (overall), 91,600 sq. ft. (Fox Blocks)
Copy of Wolf Ranch interior2

Everette Williams and Wolf Ranch are identical elementary schools built concurrently with ICF as a prototype that the district plans to replicate for its new elementary schools across the district. Each building is 127,000 square feet, with a capacity of around 1,000 students. Features include synthetic turf- covered reading and art balconies for an interactive experience with the external environment; there is also a covered turf play area on the first floor for the pre-K children. Other elements include a wooden learning stair, open-format library on the second floor, graphic walls with views of the local environment, tile accent walls, tackable surface display hallways, a granite exercise trail and architectural perforated steel accents at the mechanical stair.

Copy of Everett L Williams exterior front REV

This project utilized the Fox Blocks ICF 6-inch core in conjunction with structural steel as the bones of the building. The majority of the steel connections to the Fox Blocks wall system consisted of either shear connections (that is, beam/joist to vertical weld plates) or bearing connections/beam pockets (that is, beam/joist on horizontal weld plates). There were 300+ embeds, 70+ door/window openings and 30+ corners throughout the building, with an average wall height of 30 feet. In order to coordinate the intricacies of the structural detailing, the general contractor, Bartlett Cocke, partnered with structural engineering firm L.A. Fuess to fully model the ICF walls for coordination with the steel fabricator and MEP trades. This collaboration led to the creation of true “For Construction” shop drawings, and, ultimately, an exceptional level of precision and craftsmanship.

Project Stats

Location: Georgetown, Texas
Public School
249,250 sq. ft. (combined)
ICF Use:
91,600 sq. ft. (combined)
$60 million (combined)
Total Construction:
60 weeks, concurrent
ICF Installation:
115 days, concurrent

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