Dominion Springs Plaza

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Location: San Antonio, Texas
Square Footage: 53,665 (overall) 43,040 (Fox Blocks)
Mo HumbleProject Superintendent

“The greatest challenge was the training and coordination required to execute a high-quality product with a new and unfamiliar system. The technical data and training support provided by fox blocks made it possible to meet this challenge.”

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The owners set out with a vision for this complex to be the finest retail hub in the region. Their architects designed a beautiful complex and specified Fox Blocks for structural concrete forms, structural reinforcement support, insulation compliance, air infiltration compliance, and walls necessary for the finish system. Its unique features include 24-foot wall heights, multiple large arches, and octagon tower shapes.

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The greatest challenge was the training and coordination required to execute a project of this scope with a large team that was unfamiliar with this new building method. Fox Blocks provided the technical data and training support to make it possible. The Fox Blocks subcontractor worked with the structural engineer to prepare and construct two small Fox Blocks structures as a learning experience for their craftsmen prior to installation.

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This high-end, multi-building, retail plaza was the first of its kind in the world of ICF construction. Because of the success of Dominion Springs, two additional retail plazas of similar scope in the San Antonio area are in the planning phases. The developers of Dominion Springs reported that they will be considering Fox Blocks for all new construction projects.

Project Stats

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Luxury shopping complex
53,665 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use:
43,040 sq. ft.
$11.5 million
Total Construction:
48 weeks
ICF Installation:
45 days/building

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