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Location: Arlington, VA
Square Footage: 98,000 (overall) 57,000 (Fox Blocks)
Discovery Elementary 3

Nestled near the nation’s capital, Arlington County is one of the fastest growing counties in Virginia. The designers and construction team of Discovery Elementary School were tasked with developing Arlington County’s first 21st-century public elementary school. The budget was of utmost importance, as this is the first school project in a master plan of 500,000+ sq. ft. to be added to the district schools.

Discovery elementary 5

Through community input and planning it was determined that this new building would deliver a seamless integration of design, sustainability, and learning – all within very tight timing and budget restraints. Fox Blocks ICF was utilized to ensure the project was built on time and under budget. Adding to the challenge, with the exception of the ICF installer, this was the contractor’s first time building with ICF.

Project Stats

Location: Arlington, Virginia
Elementary School
98,000 sq. ft. (floor)
ICF Use:
57,000 sq. ft.
$43 million
Total Construction:
56 weeks
ICF Installation:
100 days

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