La Costa Cinepoliis 183
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La Costa Cinepoliis 233
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Location: Carlsbad, CA
Square Footage: 33,368 (overall), 25,000 (Fox Blocks)
La Costa Cinepoliis 233

This project contended with a unique and complex element; the elevation design was finalized before the ICF was decided on. This required the building team to work creatively to keep the articulation and visual details of the exterior similar without adding cost. Movie theaters are typically built using concrete tilt up construction but due to the small size of the site on this project, tilt up walls were not practical so ICF construction made building on the tight site possible. Cinemas always create a distinct architectural challenge in that the building is usually a large box shape with few windows or defining architectural features.

IMG 20190513 145259 1

The contractor utilized material changes and color changes to give depth to the exterior elevations and extended certain areas to give emphasis to the corners and entry way. The use of faux wood softens the feel of the elevations and adds warmth to the overall design. In addition to allowing the realization of the initial design, the use of ICF shaved 30 days off of the construction time. The ICF installer on this project was exceptional in terms of their speed of installation and technical skills. The walls are consistently straight, plumb, and absent of voids and bulges across the entire building. The advantages of ICF in theatre construction are so strong, that the design team is recommending it for more cinema projects in the future..

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Due to the nature of operations and the large size of a movie theater, a lot of energy is used to cool/heat such a space. The Added R value of the ICF walls improved the buildings efficiency without the need for additional exterior wall insulation which saved costs on insulation expenses. This building also utilizes solar power to supplement their energy consumption.

Project Stats

Location: Carlsbad, CA
Heavy Commercial
33,368 sq. ft. (Floor)
ICF Use:
25,000 sq. ft.
Total Construction:
40 weeks
ICF Installation Time:
22 days

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