Barking Dog Vineyard Fire Exterior
Barking Dog Vineyard Overlook Exterior
Barkind Dog Vineyard Exterior
Barking Dog Vineyard Interior Stairs
Barking Dog Vineyard Interior Kitchen
Barking Dog Vineyard Exterior with Vines
Location: Fallbrook, California
Square Footage: 3,909 (overall), 9,462 (Fox Blocks)
Barking Dog Vineyard Fire Exterior

During construction, an RV parked directly in front of the home was struck by lightning and burst into flames, burning for more than two hours. The fire was only five feet from the home and melted plastic and aluminum materials that were stored over 60 feet away. The only aspects of the home that showed damage were wood accents on the roof and the broken exterior pane of a glass window. The interior pane remained intact, protecting the home, while ICFs ensured the building was spared from what could have been a very devastating fire, protecting the lives of the laborers inside the home.

Barking Dog Vineyard Overlook Exterior

In up-and-coming wine country, Barking Dog Vineyard and Estate sets a precedent for those seeking durable and efficient buildings for their own vineyards, and for all residences to protect against frequent wildfires and heat.

Barking Dog Vineyard Exterior with Vines

This home maximizes the advantages of sustainable ICF construction with incredible fire-resistance, insulation and cooling properties. During construction in the hot and arid climate of Fallbrook, there was a noticeable 20-degree cooler temperature within the structure, before the building was enclosed. Much of the ventilation and cooling around the property is sustainably and naturally provided by openings onto shaded and covered outdoor spaces.

Location: Fallbrook, California

Industry: Large Residential

Size: 3,909 sq. ft.

ICF Use: 9,462 sq. ft.

Cost: $1.6 million

Total Construction: 124 weeks

ICF Installation Time: 45 days

Contractor: Mike & Susie Kisling (Owner/Developer)

ICF Installer: Tony Penna, Penna Construction

Architect: Laurie C Fisher, LCFA Studio

Forms Used: 6-inch core forms

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