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Location: Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
Square Footage: 4,800 sq. ft (built with ICFs)

Fox Blocks ICF offered an energy-efficient solution for a building full of pressurized moisture because moisture does not affect the ICF, even over the long term. Potato storage is at a constant 100% relative humidity and 1.5 cfm pressure, which causes other forms of construction to go through complex detailing to keep moisture out of the wall cavity.

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This barn allowed the potatoes to be stored four months longer than the other seven potato barns the end-user owns due to the controlled atmosphere thanks to the high craftsmanship of building with ICF. The prescriptive air service developed during this build is now being used in other potato storage facilities and demonstrates the benefits of building with ICF for this industry.

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The project required an exceptional amount of bracing due to the size of the building. The ICF blocks allowed for 120 anchor points to be easily cut in to the EPS (expanded polystyrene) on the side walls for anchors to be temporarily held in place prior to concrete placement. Nine racks of Plumwall bracing were utilized to complete the build successfully

Project Stats

Location: Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
Industry: Specialty Application (Storage Barn)
Size: 4,800 sq. ft (Floor)
ICF Use: 24,000 sq. ft.
Cost: $2.6 million
Total Construction: 17 weeks
ICF Installation: 30 days

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