What Is An Energy Audit?

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The term "energy audit" can seem daunting. But in reality, it's nothing to be afraid of, and in fact, is designed to be beneficial to you. It can reveal the highest level of energy use in your home or business, thus allowing you to make adjustments to lower your energy consumption. This increases your energy efficiency and can even save you money.

An energy audit is frequently performed by a professional employed by your power company. They'll come to your home or business and analyze the energy flow, and show you where you use the most energy.

One important thing they'll look for is anywhere that may allow for air leaks or drafts, such as doors, windows and even behind your baseboards. If there are areas that aren't properly sealed and allow drafts, you could be wasting a lot of energy without even realizing it. Your auditor will find any instances of this, so you can fix the problem.

Another important consideration is insulation. If the insulation in your walls or attic isn't sufficient, you may require more energy to heat or cool your house. They'll also likely check your attic for a vapor barrier, which reduces moisture levels and prevents water damage.

At the end of the inspection, the auditor will write up a report, which you then get a copy of. They'll also show you how to reduce your energy usage and thus, your carbon footprint.

In some cases, the auditor will leave packs of energy-efficient lightbulbs with you if you're not using them already, and some will include new aerators for your faucets. These can adjust the water flow, which helps to ensure you're not wasting excess water.

The auditor will also walk you through the results of the audit, allowing for any questions you may have and helping to explain everything clearly. Once you have all the information, you can then work toward reducing your energy consumption, which helps not only the environment but also your pocketbook. If you make all the changes suggested in the audit, your home or business will be running much more efficiently.

An audit may seem intimidating at first, but remember, it's for your benefit.