The Fox Block Interlock

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The Old

For the past twenty+ years the interlock of most ICF’s in the industry have been designed to be within .5” to 1” of the desired building dimension. Most contractors have been trained that it is acceptable to be this far off the desired dimension.

The New

When the Fox Blocks interlock was designed our Engineering staff made the choice not to focus on being within 1/2” to 1” from the building dimension but to give the strongest interlock possible. To do this they turned the projections and recesses of the interlock parallel to the block itself and for simplicity/strength they made them 1” wide and 2” long. We feel you should be square and exactly on the building dimension with all walls and for this reason recommend stacking seams when needed.

Benefits of the Large Interlock:

  • Minimized movement during concrete placement
  • No adhesive required due to tightness of interlock
  • Eliminates the need for truss wire within the wall
  • The full height ties are always on top or 4” apart of each other

Bottom Line: Stop letting 20 year old thinking slow you down!