SMP Architecture Saves Time with ICF for Waterfront Rescue Mission

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The design team at SMP Architecture wanted to create a safe and secure, sustainable structure with low maintenance costs for the owners.

They chose ICF due to its inherent characteristics. ICFs handle high wind speeds, offer high energy efficiency, and are flexible building products.


The main goal of this design was occupant comfort and practical use. It houses up to 145 people and has additional space for music and worship, recreational activities, food preparation and dinning, and offices for administrative staff and volunteers.

ICF gave Waterfront Rescue Mission the opportunity to build with products that offer wall strength and support attributes inherent with flat wall reinforced concrete. The project was designed and built with many of the green building programs and guidelines in mind without actually costing the owner for processing any of these certifications.

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Project Profile

  • Location: Pensacola, FL
  • Square Footage: 32,000
  • Developer: Waterfront Rescue Mission
  • General Contractor: Sharpe, Inc.
  • Architect: SMP Architecture
  • Engineer: SMP Architecture
  • ICF Installer: ICF Installers of Central Florida