Build a Resilient Building Design with Fox Blocks ICFs


The increasing effects of climate change have been producing wild swings in the severity and frequency of dangerous weather events, demanding resilient commercial building design. Resilient buildings made with Fox Blocks ICFs will protect a commercial building's integrity against severe winds, flooding, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, and fire.

Resilient building

Wind-Resistant Design for a Commercial Building

Increasing severe wind events make wind-resistant design crucial for a commercial building. On March 3, 2020, tornadoes ripped through Davidson County, Tennessee, damaging or destroying 448 commercial buildings, putting many out of business and a job. The tornadoes also killed 25 people and damaged 1,542 residential properties, some beyond repair.

Wind-Resistant Design with Fox Blocks ICFs

Commercial buildings constructed with Fox Blocks ICFs provide the best protection against severe winds and flying debris during a tornado, hurricane, or severe storm. They maintain their integrity during intense winds of over 200 mph and resist projectile debris moving at over 100 mph. Concrete walls provide more structural resistance against high winds than either CMU, steel, or wood-framed walls.

Wind resistant design

Flood-Resistant Design for a Commercial Building

In the past ten years, flooding damage in the United States cost the country $18 billion - three to four times higher than the previous three decades, making flood-resistant design vital for commercial buildings. Flood-resistant design for facilities located in a flood hazard area must be designed according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Flood Resistant Design and Construction, ASCE 24-14. Specific features of flood-resistant design include elevated structures, products that can get wet, and design systems that quickly dry when exposed to moisture.

Build Flood-Resistant Commercial Buildings with Fox Blocks ICFs

Fox Blocks solid continuous monolithic concrete walls offer permeability (perm rating below 1.0) and moisture resistance. Fox Blocks ensure that moisture that infiltrates a wall system will dry out and not move on to nearby components. Fox Blocks reinforced concrete construction won't degrade when wet and will maintain its original shape and integrity during and after a flood.

Earthquake-Resistant Design for a Commercial Building

Over the past 50 years, earthquakes have caused more deaths than any other natural disaster, imposing dramatic economic, cultural, and political impacts on society. This statistic illustrates how vital earthquake-resilient building design is for modern commercial buildings.

Building Earthquake-Resiliant Commercial Buildings with Fox Blocks ICFs

According to the PCA, buildings with reinforced concrete walls, like Fox Blocks ICFs, have a record of surviving earthquakes intact, structurally sound, and mostly untouched.

Earthquake-resiiliant Fox Blocks create shear walls that extend to the height and all sides of the building. Steel reinforcing bars anchor the ICF walls to the foundation. When an earthquake happens, this design effectively resists intense sideways (lateral) in-plane forces that push the top of the wall one way. Simultaneously, the bottom stays either stationary or is forced in the other direction (racking the wall).

Energy-Efficiency and Resilient Design for a Commercial Building

Airtight, energy-efficient commercial buildings also provide greater occupant comfort and safety, as well as lower energy bills and insurance premiums.

Energy efficient design

Building Energy-Efficient and Resilient Buildings with Fox Blocks ICFs

Energy-efficient ICF walls, with high thermal mass and an R-value of 23, provide continuous insulation (CI) for an airtight building envelope and resilient commercial structure. High thermal mass stabilizes temperature shifts within a structure by slowing the rate of heat transfer. CI also prevents air leakage (thermal bridging), saving both energy and money. Fox Blocks eliminates thermal bridging and prevents air leakage, while the CI of the mass wall assembly saves both energy and money.

Fire-Resistant Design for a Commercial Building

Fire-resistant designs for commercial buildings include passive fire protection. Passive fire protection limits the spread of fire through the building, minimizing damage to the occupants' property, and danger. It also protects the essential structural elements and stops the collapse of a building. Passive fire protection requires the use of fire-resistant walls, doors, windows, roofs, and vents.

Fire-Resistant Fox Blocks

Fox Blocks ICFs offer a superior option for passive firewall protection. The 6-inch Fox Blocks have an ASTM E119 fire rating of four hours (twice the two-hour requirement), and ASTM E84 reported values for flame speed of less than 25 and smoke development of less than 450.

Resilient Building Design Protects Against Daily Wear and Tear

Everyday wear and tear on a commercial building can diminish its integrity, indoor air quality (IAQ), and value. The deterioration and damage to a building often starts at the building envelope. A resilient commercial building needs a tight building envelope — sealed, insulated, and moisture-protected from the roof down to the foundation. A building constructed for longevity utilizes durable products that will protect the integrity of the structure and the health of its occupants for years to come.

Durable Fox Blocks Produce Buildings with Tight Building Envelopes

Fox Blocks ICFs, with reinforced concrete, create airtight commercial buildings with superior moisture resistance. Airtightness eliminates thermal bridging which allows both air and moisture to infiltrate an interior wall. Moisture can cause mold and can significantly degrade the IAQ of a commercial building, negatively impacting the occupants' productivity and health.

Why Build a Resilient Commercial Building with Fox Blocks ICFs?

A resilient commercial building will protect your investment and its occupants against natural disasters and daily use. Durable and energy-efficient Fox Blocks will help you quickly get your business running after an intense storm, earthquake, or even a fire. They are moisture-resistant, and low-maintenance to ensure excellent IAQ, for the workers' health and comfort.

Resilient commercial building

Designing a resilient commercial building with Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms (ICFs) helps to maintain your building's value and integrity and creates a healthy and safe environment for the occupants. Resilient design will also help you quickly restore your building's functionality and income-generating potential after a damaging event. Fox Blocks ICFs can provide all the essential elements for the design of a resilient commercial building.

Vital features of resilient building design include resistance to severe winds, earthquakes, flooding, extreme temperatures, and fire. Resilient building design also lessens the pressures from daily stress by installing a tight building envelope that ensures airtightness, energy-efficiency, and moisture-resistant — critical components of a durable, healthy, and low-maintenance building.

For more information on using Fox Blocks ICFs to design a resilient commercial building, please contact the Fox Blocks professionals who will be more than happy to help you!