Remove Costs on your ICF Project

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Two Proven Areas to Remove Costs

1. Corners

Problem: Historically, Corner Blocks have proved to be very difficult for installing contractors to hold the corner positioning or actually holding concrete during the consolidation process. Contractors have resorted to inserting internal ties, external strapping and bracing to gain needed strength. This adds cost in additional materials and man-hour rates.

Solution: Our engineering staff at Fox Blocks developed more length to the corners and introduced the heaviest cross tie corner bracket in the market. When adding these features to our large/strong interlock, this stopped rotation or movement within the blocks during the pour and added needed burst

Result: Confidence to the installing contractor, lower man hour rates and lower material costs proven by over 5 years of successful projects. Utilizing our Fox Blocks "next Generation" corner block design will save you money through time and material reductions. strength. Having this bracket and no less than two ties from each corner in all 45" and 90" block eliminates need for additional strapping or internal ties.

Cost: The Fox Blocks corners cost the same per square foot as the Fox straight block. Cost will appear higher than our competitors because our corners are 16" or more in length. In many cases our corners are actually lower in cost per square foot and at the same time saving you even more in the time and materials.

2. Truss Wire (Form Lock, Block Lock)

Problem: Some ICF interlocks and slender plastic webs have caused the need of internal truss wire to aid in producing adequate strength to add rigidity to produce a straight wall.

Solution: Two very simple Fox Blocks innovations cured this problem:

  1. A bold and reversible interlock was created to help hold the wall true.
  2. A full height internal tie was designed to use solid stacking strength to hold the wall from settling or racking.

Result: A wall that, through design, eliminates the need for truss wire.

Using Fox Blocks Eliminates the Need for Truss Wire

Truss wire costs over $0.50 per lineal foot and is called for at bottom of wall and then every 4 or 5 rows of block. Actual cost = Over $0.14 per sq ft in materials and at least $0.04 per sq ft labor for a total of $0.18 or more per sq ft cost. This is equivalent to $0.40 per block.