Manpower for 9,000 SF of ICF Wall Cut in Half!

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ICFs and Speed of Construction

Fox Blocks ICF products played an important role in reducing the time of construction and reduced manpower on the Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 located in Sloan, Nev. Ease of stacking and quality interlocking corners made for fast and efficient installation on the 9,000-square-foot ICF project.

The Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 is a two story above ground structure with three buildings totaling approximately 62,430 square feet. The Phase 2 facilities will include a 37,060-square-foot training building, a 20,965-square-foot Area Maintenance Support Activity (AMSA)/Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS), a 4,405-square-foot unheated storage building, and 16,375 square-yards of paving areas and roads. The building was designed to meet the criteria and standards, and be compliant with the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

“The speed and ease of using Fox Blocks ICF on this project allowed our company to perform this job beyond our expectations,” said Troy Nibbelink, President Nibbelink Masonry Construction Group. “We completed 9,000 square-feet of wall in just five days with only five men. With normal masonry, it would have taken double the man power. Fox Blocks quality and ease of installation is important in an industry where time is money.”

“ICF llc was proud to supply the Fox Block and coordinate the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) bracing for the U. S. Army, Las Vegas Reserve Center Phase 2. Nibbelink Masonry did an excellent job installing the Fox Block in an expedient time with a very efficient team,” said Bart Jones, Principal ICF, llc, and Southern Nevada Distributor. “Over the past ten years, ICF llc has supplied ICF and Fox Blocks for a church, numerous homes, from Lake Las Vegas to Lee’s Canyon, Fire Stations, a medical office building and now a Federal building. The value of Insulated Concrete Forms in our extreme desert climate is becoming more important and obvious to all aspects of the building industry.”

YouTube Link: ICF Military Contractor Fox Blocks speed vs. CMU

Fox Blocks product lines include: Fox Blocks Straight Block, Angle Block, Corner Block, HV Clip, Fox Blocks Energy Stick, Fox Curb Block, tieKey Masonry Anchor, xLerator Ledge Reinforcement and the Fox Buck.

Fox Blocks ICF is a solid choice for building contractors looking to maximize energy efficiency. The Fox Blocks ICF wall system provides an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. With Fox Blocks products, energy efficiency is improved allowing for contribution to LEED Green Building status.