Keep Calm - That School Was Built With ICFs

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With expanding populations and aging construction, many districts are continually putting proposals together to accommodate more students. Concerns for our school children, in addition to their education, are elements of comfort and safety during their school day. Budgeters are also searching for the best way to spend the limited resources on hand for the construction and renovation of school buildings.

Insulated Concrete Form wall systems, Fox Blocks, are a way to create an extremely safe structure. This durable wall system protects against high impact winds and debris from hurricanes and tornadoes. When teachers and students return to an ICF school, they are protected against these elements.

In areas with extreme heat or extreme cold, it is difficult, and costly, to provide a comfortable atmosphere. The "ice cream sandwich" effect of encasing concrete block with insulated foam on either side creates a more sustainable and more comfortable environment for staff and students. This innovative insulation also creates a sound buffer, allowing classrooms independence from one another even if volume levels increase.

Public schools are built and maintained with taxpayer dollars, therefore those creating proposals to pitch to the taxpayers need to have a positive goal in mind to sell the idea of possible tax increases or millage renewals. By using ICFs to create a more comfortable environment, it also keeps heat and cool air where it needs to be, surrounding our students, and not escaping through the walls. Heating and cooling bills will decrease significantly and these high-quality durable materials will last a long time, allowing the necessity for taxpayer dollars to decrease in construction and utility areas.

Our staff and our students deserve the best that construction can offer for safety and for comfort. Learn more about Fox Blocks, ICFs, and other products to make school construction projects the best they can be.