Insulated Concrete Form Installation Checklist

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Checklists can be an important part of any project. Not only do they keep you and your team on track even while the lead may be unavailable, but they are helpful in reminding you of the proper sequencing as well as highlight items that could be missed during the project. We've created a series of installation checklists broken out in phases to help you be the most efficient with your next ICF project.

  1. Prior to Job
  2. Product Deliver
  3. Start of Job Check List
  4. Row 1
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Row 2
  7. Row 3
  8. Row 4
  9. Bracing
  10. Openings
  11. Prior to Close
  12. Multiple Levels
  13. Concrete
  14. Post Concrete
  15. Extreme Weather Concreting