Get Your Home Ready for Winter in These 6 Simple Steps

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Each year seems to go by quicker than the last. Be prepared when old man winter knocks at your door. Get your home winter ready in these six easy steps.

  1. Heating System Tune Up: Don't wait until the temperature drops to find out that your heat pump or furnace aren't in tip-top shape. Invest in a heating system inspection for around $100 to ensure you are warm and cozy with no surprises. This tip also ensures that your heating unit runs as efficient as possible - saving you money by season's end.
  2. Give Your Gutters Some TLC: It's tempting to leave this task off the to-do list for as long as possible, but neglected gutters are a perfect place for ice to collect and leak into your home once melted.
  3. Everyone Needs a Jacket: Be sure to wrap your older water heater with an insulated blanket. Most new water heaters are already insulated. By wrapping your water heater, you can reduce heat losses by 25%-45%. You can find insulated blankets at a local hardware store.
  4. Feel for Leaks: An incense stick can do the trick for finding pesky air leaks coming from your windows. Try to do this on a windy day and if the smoke trails in a horizontal direction, you have trouble. Simple rope caulk will keep the chilly air outside and the warm air inside. Should your fireplace leak air, a piece of insulation can be installed in the fireplace between uses.
  5. And speaking of your fireplace: It’s probably time to inspect and sweep your chimney. An annual chimney checkup is always a good idea!
  6. Hit Reverse: Most modern fans have a setting to spin the opposite direction. Taking the few minutes to do this can mean more heated air circulating through your home.

These are all great tips to help your existing home. Although, the best way to create a home that's energy-efficient, sound and weather insulated is to contact the professionals at Fox Blocks. Fox Blocks can do wonders for your next building project.