Fox Blocks Acquiring Key Assets of ARXX Building Products

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ARXX Building Products will become part of Fox Blocks on February 3, 2014

Omaha, NE (January 30, 2014) – Fox Blocks ICF announced today that it will acquire select key assets from ARXX Building Products on February 3, 2014, integrating those assets into its own operations and augmenting the Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) product line. The companies have started working together now to develop and implement a plan that ensures a seamless transition for customers and employees. The transaction was approved by the Canadian Court on January 29, 2014 and is before the US Court for approval on January 31, 2014.

Fox Blocks ICF, recognized as the fastest growing ICF Manufacturer in North America and a Best in Class Sustainable Green Building Solution, is a branded product of Airlite Plastics Co. The company has produced over 45 million square feet of ICF wall surface for the construction industry and pursued this acquisition opportunity as a way to expand customer access to innovative green building solutions.

“ARXX has done an excellent job of growing the residential and commercial ICF market segments by working closely with contractors, design professionals and owners. We're excited about the opportunity to expand Fox Blocks’ product line — and the growth of this market — by combining the strength of two ICF innovators and leaders," explained Brad Crosby, Airlite Plastics Co. President & CEO.

Fox Blocks ICF Vice President Mike Kennaw commented, “This acquisition reflects the Fox Blocks commitment to helping grow the ICF market. By gaining scale and volume, we hope to be an ever stronger member of the ICF market, expanding our footprint in the North America market at the same time that we help expand the industry’s footprint in the broader construction products market.”

A key objective will be to immediately introduce ARXX customers to the Fox Blocks products and personnel insuring a smooth transition.

About ARXX Building Products

Tracing its ICF roots back to 1978, ARXX Building Products-Blue Maxx-AAB was one of the ICF industry’s leading founders, market developers and industry expanders. ARXX is known for its ICF innovation, commercial market expertise and broad based ICF industry experience. ARXX has developed a strong network of ICF customers, developers, architects, general contractors, residential contractors, and construction supply distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. ARXX ICF products are being discontinued as of March 2014

Fox Blocks and Arxx building products