Become a Net Zero Hero

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Net zero-energy design buildings, what are they?

The principle behind net zero energy (NZE, or NZEB) buildings is to have zero energy consumption ratios. This is accomplished by building homes and commercial buildings that consume only as much energy as they are able to create. With a combination of high- tech building materials and streamlined energy renewal sources, net zero energy buildings are perfect examples of the “waste not, want not” concept. NZE buildings contribute far less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than conventional buildings.

Connected to the grid, but supplying it also.

NZE buildings do use energy from the grid, they also return energy to the grid through the use of solar panels and other renewable energy sources. To get to a net zero ratio the structure needs to (roughly) supply as much resource to the grid as it uses.

Fewer traditional building materials=less reliance on big utilities.

To create dwellings and commercial structures with this level of energy sophistication, builders and contractors need to move away from more traditional building supplies. Energy-conserving construction materials abound on the market today, thanks in part to the continued high prices and inflexibility of oil, gas and electric utilities. Increased utility rates world-wide have driven a wealth of new building materials on the market which specialize in providing superior energy retention and distribution throughout a building.

Building energy independence block by block.

True energy independence requires not only a system returning power to the grid, but structural materials with exceptional energy conserving properties. Renewable energy sources built into the homes and buildings is only half the equation. When a house is built with advanced materials, like Fox Blocks, it is able to take power from the grid and use it far more efficiently.

Net Zero buildings are comparable in cost to traditional built homes, but will cost less to own over the lifetime of the structure - saving money from day one and well into the future.

Yes, I want to learn how Fox Blocks will minimize energy use and get me one step closer to owning a Net Zero Energy Building.