Back to Basics: Advantages of Fox Blocks ICF Forms

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The advantages of Fox Blocks ICFs are several. Fox Blocks provide a clever design that has the good features of the tried and true early brands of ICFs, and then has incorporated significant improvements, which enhance the ease of use to the installer. This combined with our direct shipment method of distribution will deliver what could be the best ICF on the market at very competitive prices.

Significant Features Are:

  • Strength of forms:
    • Webs engineered to provide superior strength
    • Foam panels 2 5/8" minimum thickness of EPS resulting in minimal deflection of EPS panels during concrete pouring
  • Robust corner forms:
    • Reinforced corner forms with significant areas provided for cladding exterior surface finishes
    • A hold in the 90-degree corner forms is designed for the insertion of a length of rebar or pipe to tie the corner together
    • The internal corner bracket (patent pending) connects the inside and outside EPS panels and thus improves both the strength of the corner form and safety during construction and placing of concrete in the Fox Blocks walls
  • Reversible interlock:
    • There is only one corner form as there is no need for left and right hand corner forms. This makes ordering and stocking easier and provides greater flexibility on the job site
    • Less job site waste as cut-offs can more readily be used elsewhere in the walls
  • Continuous web design to control settling:
    • The webs are engineered to rest one on top of the other (hard plastic to hard plastic) as the courses are placed one on top of the other. This makes achieving final elevations much easier than with other ICF systems, which do not have the webs in contact and where the forms compresses while the concrete is being placed.