Recycling and Sustainability

Since Fox Blocks’ parent company, Airlite Plastics, makes plastic products for multiple industries, there is a constant supply of first-generation recycled material within our company. This material moves within our own facilities, and the resulting EPS foam and plastic ties are of a higher quality and have greater consistency.

At Airlite Plastics, a large number of machine presses mold plastic products to specific tolerances. Anything that does not meet the specification for the different product specifications is set aside and designated as usable plastic waste (scrap) to be recycled. None of this plastic scrap leaves the plant, so there is ZERO plastic landfill contribution.

At the recycling station, plastic scrap is mechanically ground into flakes, pelletized, and then put through a proprietary process to be remanufactured. This first-generation recycled plastic is then transferred to the production machine presses to mold Fox Blocks ICF plastic webs and corner brackets. These fresh molded webs and corner brackets are then delivered to the EPS Division plant, on site, for placement into the foam molds that produce finished Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms. This internal recycling process dramatically lowers the overall ICF manufacturing carbon footprint because there are minimal transportation costs, as everything is performed on site.

So, Fox Blocks not only contributes to sustainability by constructing long-last buildings resilient to extreme weather events: we also support sustainability and recycling in our manufacturing processes.