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ICF Accessories Fox Buck


Fox Buck is a fully integrated, continuous insulation window and door buck for residential and commercial applications. The 1" x 1" notches create a dual barrier against drafts or moisture penetration. When installed properly, the concrete barrier protection is continuous around the entire opening. These barriers also anchor the Fox Buck to the wall with enough strength to hold in most weather conditions.

The buck is exactly 2" thick for easy measurements, and measures 48" high to match the height of the three blocks. It can be used conjuction with the internal "Energy Sticks" as well.

The buck features a 1 1/2" wide "fastening zone" for door and window attachments that runs the full height of the buck every 8" on center. Notches ensure proper alignment between the buck and the wall form. On the inside, Dual full-length 1" x 1" grooves create a solid concrete barrier against drafts and moisture. Circles are marked at 16" centers for sill cutouts and vibrator access.

The expanded 2015 Fox Buck product line now includes the 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" sizes.