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Do you have a High Performance Window Buck that will stand up to these tests?

| Benefits of ICFs | Fox Blocks in the Field | Insulated Concrete Forms | February 4, 2015

Building Envelope Protection = Property & Life Protection:

During a severe weather event, the most critical factor for increasing the chances of a building’s survival is protection of all the openings to the outside. Once the wind enters the structure, the pressure changes lead to disastrous results.

Impact testing simulates windborne debris striking a window during a hurricane. Within the laboratory setting, this is done by firing a 2×4 projectile at predetermined locations on the window and seeing if there is any penetration.

The cycling portion of the testing ensures that a window having withstood impact by the 2×4 can then stand up to the rapid increases and decreases in pressure within the building during a hurricane.

Fox Blocks Expands ICF Manufacturing to Texas and Missouri

| Fox Blocks in the Field | June 10, 2014

Fox Blocks is excited to announce continued expansion of our ICF manufacturing locations!  We are now being produced in Keller, TX and Nixa, MO- bringing the total to 18 manufacturing points across the US and Canada.


Increased ICF Manufacturing Capabilities

These recent additions follow on the heels of expansion with plants in Becker, MN and in Nazareth, PA, all which have been brought online to meet the growing demand for Fox Blocks ICFs. Demand has grown aggressively due to intense ICF market penetration, in addition to the acquisition of Reward Wall Systems and ARXX, earlier in the year.

“Adding these two plants reinforces our ability to service large scale heavy commercial jobs, as well as allowing the residential client to gain better access to Fox Blocks ICF. The capacity of our molder network is second to none, and our strategic placement of our plants assures efficient and timely supply of our products to our customers,” says Mike Kennaw, Vice President of Sales.

“The Texas plant has been a long time coming, as the market potential is enormous. We are now the only ICF company manufacturing there. This allows for Fox Blocks products right in the heart of the Texas, made by Texans for Texans.”

Dedicated tooling at our Plants

The new Fox Blocks ICF manufacturing locations, with Foam Fabricators in Keller, TX and Diversified Plastics in Nixa, MO, are now in Pre-production testing and have received dedicated tooling and are undergoing extensive on-site QA/QC testing and training. The Keller, TX plant is expected to be online producing ICFs by July with Nixa, MO slated for end of June.The Nixa plant will start by producing only 10″ and 12″ product to meet market demand requirements.

Unlike competing brands of ICF we have dedicated tooling at our plants so out products can be ready to ship when you are ready to receive! The combination of tooling, production efficiencies and an industry leading quality control program ensures the delivery of a premium Fox Blocks quality industrial strength ICF.

Fox Blocks now manufactures ICFs in 18 locations including Omaha, NE; Nazareth, PA; Becker, MN; Orlando, FL; Northbridge, MA; Post Falls, ID; Jerome, ID; McFarland, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; Cherryville, NC; Anchorage, AK; Keller, TX; Nixa, MO; Montreal, QC; Starbuck, MB; Ponoka, AB; Cap Pele, NB.

Phoenix Schaumaplast Plant Inv 7 2012 003


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ICFs and Severe Weather

| Fox Blocks in the Field | Insulated Concrete Forms | April 28, 2014

Severe Weather Starts its Seasonal Havoc

As we all are very aware, this time of year and throughout the early summer, is prime weather conditions for severe weather to occur. Most notably, tornadoes are a huge concern, especially in the Midwest. As of last night, tornadoes have started their annual ravaging of parts of the Midwest all the way down south. The tornadoes these last few years seem to be occurring more , bigger in size and staying on the ground longer. This brings us to the important issue of having a shelter that can withstand the winds and debris of a tornado, hurricanes, and other high wind forces. recently Fox Blocks just publish a quick overview on how to build an ICF storm shelter, check that out with the embedded video below.

Insulated Concrete Forms Build Safer Homes

By using insulating concrete forms for homes across the country, the home becomes a safe haven from tornadoes and hurricanes. This is one of the huge benefits we have always talked about with our type of product. The steel reinforced concrete, which can cure stronger than normal concrete because of the foam insulation, can withstand winds of over 200 MPH, and projectile debris traveling over 100 MPH. There are dozens of eye witness examples of ICF homes taking EF5 tornadoes head on with the walls still standing.

There have been lab studies done to prove its resilience to wind and there are stories and real world examples of homes, across the country, that have withstood natural disasters because of the unique attributes of ICF construction.

Stronger than Wood and Steel

Plenty of third party research on testing the strength of our ICF walls versus typical wall with wood and steel studs has been done. The chart below shows the strength of ICFs, so its easy to see why ICFs are left standing after a bout with mother nature.

Axial Capacity – pressure or force placed downward upon the wall from roofs, floors and walls
Wall Bending Stiffness – the strength of the wall structure to resist deflection
Lateral Capacity – sideways movement pushing against the wall due to soil, wind or earthquakes
Deflection – movement within a wall assembly

Type of Wall Axial Capacity (plf)
Wall bending Stiffness (psf)
Lateral Capacity (psf
Fire Resistance Rating
2×4 Wall Cavity @ 16″ o.c. 435 9.5 37.5 30 min-1hr
2×6 Wall Cavity @ 16″ o.c. 3220 37 80 30 min-1hr
6″ Core ICF Wall #4 @ 24″ o.c. 22,000 300 65 3 hours


Below are a selection of photos taken over the years of ICF homes withstanding hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact the Bay Waveland Housing Authority built with ICFs for all of these reasons we mentioned above. Now they are witnessing all the other benefits of ICFs: energy efficiency, HUGE savings on wind and general insurance, and providing safe homes for the community.

ICF Home Tornado Indiana

F2 Celestine, IN Spring 2011

Tornado and ICF Wisconsin

ICF home took a direct hit from an EF4 Tornado. The entire neighborhood was devastated, the home left standing was still in construction and unoccupied at the time.

IA Tornado Disaster Resistance

Tornado near Parkersburg, IA. Notice complete leveling of the home on the left side of picture.


Iowa Tornado ICF constructions

Reward insulating concrete form home in Parkersburg, IA. Minimal structural damage

Hurricane ready ICF Home

ICF home before(left) and after(right) Hurricane Katrina, and the bottom photo is a house in the same neighborhood.




Manpower for 9,000 SF of ICF Wall Cut in Half!

| Fox Blocks in the Field | March 6, 2014

ICFs and Speed of Construction

Fox Blocks ICF products played an important role in reducing the time of construction and reduced manpower on the Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 located in Sloan, Nev. Ease of stacking and quality interlocking corners made for fast and efficient installation on the 9,000-square-foot ICF project.

The Las Vegas Army Reserve Center Phase 2 is a two story above ground structure with three buildings totaling approximately 62,430 square feet. The Phase 2 facilities will include a 37,060-square-foot training building, a 20,965-square-foot Area Maintenance Support Activity (AMSA)/Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS), a 4,405-square-foot unheated storage building, and 16,375 square-yards of paving areas and roads. The building was designed to meet the criteria and standards, and be compliant with the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Army Reserve ICF Construction

Goverment Building ICF Construction

“The speed and ease of using Fox Blocks ICF on this project allowed our company to perform this job beyond our expectations,” said Troy Nibbelink, President Nibbelink Masonry Construction Group. “We completed 9,000 square-feet of wall in just five days with only five men. With normal masonry, it would have taken double the man power. Fox Blocks quality and ease of installation is important in an industry where time is money.”

“ICF llc was proud to supply the Fox Block and coordinate the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) bracing for the U. S. Army, Las Vegas Reserve Center Phase 2. Nibbelink Masonry did an excellent job installing the Fox Block in an expedient time with a very efficient team,” said Bart Jones, Principal ICF, llc, and Southern Nevada Distributor. “Over the past ten years, ICF llc has supplied ICF and Fox Blocks for a church, numerous homes, from Lake Las Vegas to Lee’s Canyon, Fire Stations, a medical office building and now a Federal building. The value of Insulated Concrete Forms in our extreme desert climate is becoming more important and obvious to all aspects of the building industry.”

YouTube Link: ICF Military Contractor Fox Blocks speed vs. CMU

Fox Blocks product lines include: Fox Blocks Straight Block, Angle Block, Corner Block, HV Clip, Fox Blocks Energy Stick, Fox Curb Block, tieKey Masonry Anchor, xLerator Ledge Reinforcement and the Fox Buck.

Fox Blocks ICF is a solid choice for building contractors looking to maximize energy efficiency. The Fox Blocks ICF wall system provides an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. With Fox Blocks products, energy efficiency is improved allowing for contribution to LEED Green Building status.


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In the Field: Gymnasium Auditorium in Phoenix, AZ

| Fox Blocks in the Field | April 24, 2013

Take a tour with us through the Gymnasium Bourgade Hillman High School in Phoenix, AZ as we pour out the concrete in just 15 days.

Interview with ICF Specialties ICF Contractor Don Coleman on Using Fox Blocks

| Fox Blocks in the Field | January 7, 2013

ICF Contractor Don Coleman with ICF Specialties gives the lowdown on working with Fox Blocks’ insulated concrete forms for all projects with the Catholic Diocese in Arizona.

Las Vegas Goes Green with ICFs

| Fox Blocks in the Field | December 14, 2011

Thanks to Randy and Bart, many Las Vegas fire stations will be now be built using Fox Blocks core 6″ insulated concrete forms. An exciting example of excellent work between a regional manager and a top flight local dealer.

Social Media, Inbox?

| Fox Blocks in the Field | April 21, 2011

As I try to break into…..or attempt to utilize or at least sign up…….on some of the new social media or mediums that continue to grow in popularity, I realize that I must be old! Very, very old! I thought that my colleague out west “Mr. Sizzle” was about my age, but he is definitely young when it comes to all of these technologies!

Goodness gracious you have: Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, YouTube, WWW, SMS, Email, MMS, Cell Phone and several gazillion blogs. And there also seems to be a new APP for EVERYTHING! It is all definitely VERY informative so I guess that the education and what that brings is very good.

The negative I see is the time management or the amount of time that these all take to maintain or even view. Can’t we just all talk like we used to? Or explain things face to face? I guess not any more. We are all doing more in less time, so I guess these advancements are all good. Please let me know what you think?

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